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About us

We have created a business that has no analogues!

We work with both clothing brands and young designer brands. In 95% of cases, designers have ideas, but do not have a textile education and experience in sewing.

We advise on the choice of fabric, sewing technology, offer our own design solutions, develop patterns, work from sketch to finished product. We recommend appropriate fabrics and accessories.

We also sew corporate clothing for business and dream of making a significant contribution to the development of corporate culture around the world.

We work with Ukrainian and foreign companies (USA, Poland, South Africa, Germany, France).

Our team consists of creative designers, meticulous designers, skilled craftsmen and seamstresses. That is why we sew rather your expectations, and also efficiently and from natural fabrics.

In the current composition, the design studio has been working since 2015, but in fact we all have dozens of years of experience. We gathered the best specialists, because we can provide them with cool tasks that cause professional zeal.

Elena Guseva is a well-known Ukrainian designer, under her leadership we create exclusive outfits, develop clothing collections for international markets and corporate clothing for business.

Our highlight is a special attention to children’s clothing. We have our own brand Gussevakids and sew comfortable children’s clothing for schools and great costumes for dance groups.

Come to us with your ideas, and we will certainly help you bring them to life!
Design Studio Elena Guseva – Dress Up Your Business!